What is PHPExcel? (PHPExcel for OpenCart)

PHPExcel is a PHP library providing ability to work (read/write) with spreadsheet files (formats: .xls, .xlsx, CSV, .ods, and some others).
Official PHPExcel library page on GitHub https://github.com/PHPOffice/PHPExcel.

This library is used by Related Options (on opencart.com), Related Options PRO (on opencart.com), Product Option Image PRO (on opencart.com), Product Option Image Ultimate (on opencart.com) and Parent-child Options (on opencart.com) OpenCart modules for their import/export features. PHPExcel library files is not included in the module packages, so it should be installed additionally (but it is required for the import/export feature only, thus there is no need to install PHPExcel if you are not going to use the import/export features).

How to install PHPExcel for OpenCart:

  1. Download the last PHPExcel release version from the official site https://github.com/PHPOffice/PHPExcel/releases
  2. Create the directory "PHPExcel" in the OpenCart "system" directory (to have the path from OpenCart root "/system/PHPExcel/")
  3. Copy the directory "Classes" (with the entire contents) from the downloaded PHPExcel package to the OpenCart directory "/system/PHPExcel/" (created on the previous step)
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