Related Options

to create combinations of related product option values and set stock, price, model etc. for each combination. It is useful for sales of products, having interlinked options, such as size and color for clothes (recommended to use with Live Price module).

The module allows to create combinations of related options (dependent product option values) and assign its own stock, price, model etc. for every combination. It is useful for sales of products having interlinked options (such as size and color for clothes). It allows to combine not a couple, but any number of options, and allows to set different combinations of related options for products (for one product it can be color+site, for other width+length, for next color+width+length, etc).  

Some basic features of the module are demonstrated in the video.


Standard OpenCart has the basic ability to create product option (like "Size" and "Color" for example) and set possible values for them (like "Blue", "Red" etc and "Large", "Medium" etc. accordingly).
But it does not have an ability to make the set combinations of options.


The Related Options module is based on the standard functionality of product options, but the module significantly improves it. The module allows to create combinations of option values, set separate stock, Model, price (if needed) for every combination and limit customers to select only available combinations of option values.

When combinations of related options are set for a product, the module allows customers to select only available combinations. Depending on the module settings there are 2 main ways of the limitation are possible:

  • Default - all selected values of related options have effect to each other (if an option value is selected - unsuitable values of another related option will be disabled, and backward)
  • Step-by-step - selected values of previous related options have effect to next related options (values of previous related options stay available to select even if it is unsuitable for the selected values of next related options)

For both ways of limitation, the module provides two possible styles of disabling unsuitable option values:

  • Default - unavailable option values stay visible, but grayed (unselectable)
  • Hide unavailable - unavailable option values become invisible (hidden)

These 4 animations demonstrate how the module works with the option type "Radio", but it also compatible and works similar way with option types "Select" and "Image".

Furthermore, not only 2 option values could be combined, but 3, 4, 5 or any reasonable number of options (all possible variants of combinations of related options can be set on the setting page of the module). 

In addition, the module allows to set more specific data per combination of related options: SKU, UPC, EAN, Location, Out Of Stock Status, Weight (all these fields are optional and can be enabled on the setting page of the module).

The module modify standard product pricing in OpenCart not only by the ability to set its own price for every combination of related options, but to set the price as modifier (using price prefixes "=", "+", "-") or to set separate discounts or/and specials per combination.

Additionally, it has an ability to set default combinations of related options (this combinations of values will be selected by default at the moment of product page loading in the customer section). 

Simple XLS import/export feature located on the setting page of the module (it allows to import/export all combinations of related options using XLS files, the synchronization is based on ID's of options and option values).

We recommend to use Related Options together with our Live Price module or our Live Price PRO module, to make product pricing more clear for customers (both modules are completely compatible with all pricing features of the Related Options module).

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