Improved Options

to set Model (product code), SKU, UPC, description for product option values and to select default option values.

The module allows to assign Model (product code), SKU, UPC, description, reward points per product option value and set default product option values (that should be selected by default on the product page in the customer section).

The standard opencart has the ability to set Model (product code), SKU, UPC for products, but not for options. So the module provides this functionality. For Model and SKU it also allows not only set a specific value for an option value (to be used when the option value is selected), but also to assemble the final field value from parts (like this: basic product sku + sku of selected option #1 + sku of selected option #2 + etc).

Every field (Model, SKU, UPC, description or reward points) can be enabled or disabled separately on the setting page of the module (it allows to display only the necessary additional fields in the interface).

The module displays actual Model, SKU and UPC on the product page in the customer section (dynamic updating on the option select by a customer). It also displays appropriate descriptions below selected option values.

Improved Options adds appropriate information (columns Model, SKU, UPC) to the shopping cart and the checkout page (as well as on the order edit page in the admin section).

On order placement, the module stores the actual values of the additional fields in the order data (in the opencart database) and then display the values in the order forms (order view, shipping list, invoice).

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